Risk warnings

Last update: 26.06.2020.

Risk Warnings


The purpose of this document is to warn you about some risks involved when lending funds via this website. The list of risks and warnings are definitely non-exhaustive and there could be other matters that you would need to be aware of when deciding to use this website and make investment decisions. This document should not be viewed as an investment advice or guidance of any kind. It is written in order to remind you that there are risks involved with investing in loans.

The risks involved with investment decisions might affect investment returns and as there are no guarantees you might incur losses. You should endeavour to balance your different investments (different regions, industries, asset classes) and we suggest that you seek professional investment advice and also legal and tax advice if necessary, when investing through this website.

Please consider your available funds and act reasonably when investing. As you might incur losses you should analyse and evaluate the investment risks and the projects that you want to invest in.

We might publish some forecasts or analyses on our website, but these cannot be regarded as commitments or future events. We do our best to provide and publish accurate and complete information, but we do not warrant the completeness, accuracy, correctness, relevance and timeliness of such information. Some of the information may be from the reliable third parties, but we cannot take any responsibility for the actual correctness of information received from third parties.


Market risk

Please note that due to market events, political or social circumstances, change in the legal acts et the situation on the market can change and bring about negative influences on your investment. The real estate prices may change (both increase and decrease) and thus have a negative influence on your investment. The market risk can reduce but not eliminated by diversifying your investments.

When specifically, real estate is concerned, the real estate might lack tenants, the tenants may violate the lease terms (for example non-payment, vandalism etc), there might be technical or construction problems etc.


Legal risk

The legislative acts, administrative practice and other factors may contribute to the legal risk. The legislative acts and administrative practice regarding state supervision, assets, ownership, investment activities and taxation may change and influence your investment and the outcome of your investment.


Liquidity risk

The situation when investing and when exiting can be very different. With real estate projects, it might happen that the prices for the real estate change and the seller of the real estate cannot get the real estate sold in a set timeframe or a set monetary timeframe. You could also be required to make additional payments and incur additional costs in relation to the realization of the liquidity risk.


Investing in a foreign country

Please be aware that when investing in a foreign you may encounter different and non-familiar economic, political, social and legal environment.


Please bear in mind that the investment opportunities presented on website do not fall under the supervision of any Financial Supervisory Authority and the presented information is not verified or approved by supervisory authorities.