Complaints Policy


This Complaints Policy forms part of the Terms and Conditions for Use of the Crowdfunding Platform of Crowdfunding Service Provider (Crowdestor OÜ (a company registered in the Republic of Estonia with registry code 14388462, located at Roosikrantsi tn 2, Tallinn city, Harju county, 10119, Estonia)). Capitalized terms used in this Complaints Policy, have the same meaning as defined in the Terms and Conditions for Use of the Crowdfunding Platform.

The purpose of this policy is to inform Clients (including Investors and Borrowers) regarding Crowdfunding Service Provider’s complaint review procedure, means of submitting a complaint, communication channels and information that must be indicated in the complaint. Furthermore, this policy explains how and when Crowdfunding Service Provider will respond to the submitted complaints.

For the Client to receive an official written reply from Crowdfunding Service Provider, the Client must submit a written complaint to Crowdfunding Service Provider via e-mail address The Client must indicate in the written complaint following information:

  • Name and surname.

If the person is representing a legal entity, please indicate the name of the company and the position in the company.

  • Personal identification code or date of birth.

If the person is representing a legal entity, please indicate the country of registration and registration number of the legal entity.

  • The Client identification number (if such has been given to the Client by Crowdfunding Service Provider).
  • Contact information (phone and e-mail address) in case Crowdfunding Service Provider will need to obtain further information regarding the complaint.
  • A written description of the complaint.
  • Means of delivering the reply.

Please indicate an e-mail address if a reply should be sent via e-mail or postal address if the reply should be sent via post. Please make sure to indicate an accurate e-mail or postal address so that the reply reaches the person submitting the complaint. Crowdfunding Service Provider accepts no liability in case the contact information is incomplete or inaccurate.

Only complaints submitted in writing and containing all the information indicated above will be reviewed by Crowdfunding Service Provider according to this policy. Submitting a complaint to Crowdfunding Service Provider is free of charge, the Client shall bear its own expenses (including obtaining external advice) in relation to submitting complaints.

Depending on the nature of complaint, one or more Crowdfunding Service Provider’s employees will be assigned to review the complaint and communicate with the Client. Crowdfunding Service Provider will ensure assigning appropriate resources and required involvement of senior management in reviewing the complaint.

Crowdfunding Service Provider will review and reply to all written complaints within 30 days. In specific or complicated cases, or when Crowdfunding Service Provider is unable to reply within the 30-day term, Crowdfunding Service Provider will inform the Client regarding the extension of the said deadline and the final terms when the reply will be sent to the Client.

Crowdfunding Service Provider will keep records of all written complaints submitted by the Clients and measures taken in connection to each written complaint.

Crowdfunding Service Provider will act with utmost effort to address all complaints of the Clients submitted via phone, social media or other communication channels, however, Crowdfunding Service Provider gives no guarantees and assumes no liability for failing to reply to each and every complaint or question which is not submitted in the written form according to this policy. Please note that only written replies to written complaints received by Crowdfunding Service Provider shall have any legal consequences to the Crowdfunding Service Provider.

E-mail address for sending complaints: