Diversify your portfolio

Key facts

Combination of risk-reward concepts
Tailor your portfolio by balancing between two investment options based on risk criteria.
Default risk - profit share
Bear the default risk by investing in loans of new consumers of the Loan Originator and take a chance to earn a massive part of its profit, up to 240% p.a.
Buyback Obligation - limited return
If loans of repeated consumers are late for more than 60 days, the Loan Originator is obliged to repay your investment and accrued interest.
Minimal investment – 10 EUR
Start with as little as 10 EUR per loan.
No fees
The Loan Originator and the Platform cover all expenses related to loan processing.
Skin in the game
The Loan Originator shares the risk with you by investing in loans placed on the platform.
is an online lending company managed by professionals with 15+ years experience in the industry. Simpleros has been successfully operating in the Spanish market since October 2020.
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It will only take you a few clicks to sign up and you are ready to invest in consumer loans.
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It will take you a few minutes to fill in the necessary information and go through the identification process.
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